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One of the largest tree-planting projects in Riga is completed at the Business Garden Rīga office campus

Extensive landscaping works are being carried out on the grounds surrounding the Business Garden Rīga office campus. In collaboration with SIA Labie Koki, 67 existing trees had been fully preserved during the construction of the buildings, and now the surrounding space is further enriched with 60 more large trees. The planting of so many trees up to 7 meters in height in a single location has been one of the biggest tree-planting projects in Riga during the last year.


According to the results of a survey* taken at Business Garden Rīga in May, office workers highly appreciate their workplace’s proximity to nature (34%). Trees create shade, impede wind, clean the air and have many other beneficial effects on humans and the environment. Unfortunately, the number of trees in Riga is shrinking; therefore, a great responsibility for improving the urban environment lies on the shoulders of property developers, who take into account the recommendations of urban planners and try to preserve existing trees and plant new ones during construction works.


Iveta Lāce, Head of Business Development at CBRE Baltic, the Business Garden Rīga management company: “Creating a green public environment around office buildings is at the heart of the Business Garden concept. Experience with office-building projects of this concept elsewhere in Europe shows that people value the landscaped and green environment around office buildings, and this trend is becoming more and more important. The trees now planted are just a small step in the improvement of the grounds and the courtyard. By the end of this summer, in addition to even more abundant plantings, a volleyball court will be created in the active part of the garden and other amenities will be added — electric-car charging points, more benches and equipment for the children’s playground area.”


The evaluation and preservation of the valuable trees on the grounds, as well as the maintenance and improvement of the garden, takes place in cooperation with Labie Koki. Since the beginning of the construction of the campus, the trees have been routinely assessed and regular tree care works recommended by Labie Koki were carried out to ensure their longevity. The construction process itself was also monitored by an arborist to see if additional safety features were needed.


Edgars Neilands, expert arborist and head of Labie Koki: “We believe that during the construction of a building, it is immediately necessary to carry out full-fledged landscaping of its surroundings. Failing to do that is like buying a large, beautiful apartment, but not taking care of the furniture. The biggest achievement of this project is the planting of 60 large trees that complement the existing ones in the garden and are already fulfilling their function — they ensure a good microclimate, impede wind and create shade. The trees are also protected from vandals, as they all have a strong root system and a trunk that cannot be broken by hands. Trees are not only meant for the forest; they must also be in the city!”


The landscape architecture and improvement plan have been developed in cooperation with Didrihsons arhitekti and Labie Koki. The team of experts at Labie Koki is also responsible for the implementation of the plan by planting trees and shrubs.


*The survey was conducted in May 2020 in cooperation with Mindshare and involved 300 respondents.


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