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Three new tenants join Business Garden Rīga − Philips, Forma2 and ALD Automotive

This autumn, three new tenants have joined the Business Garden Rīga office campus developed by Vastint Latvia. Among them are ALD Automotive, an international full-service leasing and fleet management company; Forma 2, a construction supervision and project management services company; as well as Philips, the one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic goods. The new tenants’ offices will be located in Building A of Business Garden Rīga, Malduguņu iela 2.

ALD Automotive, the largest full-service car leasing company in the Baltics, will start using its new office premises in Business Garden Rīga at the end of this year. The office is designed according to a mixed layout concept, having both open-plan work areas and separated cabinets. The office will also have a spacious kitchen – providing a socialising area for the convenience of employees, as well as various meeting rooms for comfortable and productive daily work.

“One of the main reasons why we chose Business Garden Rīga is its strategic location, which we find very convenient. Secondly, we appreciated the professional approach to the preparation of the office and the adaptation of the space to our needs. In particular, BGR has been very flexible with us and our requirements. We also applaud their highly professional process management. We were also pleased with BGR’s overall concept and their values, which resonate with our group’s policy towards a truly green, sustainable and environmentally friendly business,” says Mārcis Mauriņš, ALD Automotive Board Member.

The Forma2 office also embodies a mixed layout concept, with both an open-plan workspace and a separate office sector. For the convenience of employees, there are two different meeting rooms, as well as a spacious kitchen-socialising area. The office layout and interior design have been developed to maintain a sense of spaciousness and openness, even in a mixed space layout, while ensuring both necessary privacy and efficient teamwork.

“Having acted as the construction supervisors for this project, we are very familiar with it. We appreciate the high-quality standards of Business Garden Rīga in all respects: the choice of materials, the design of the space and the area around the office. We are happy to work in a place where so many extra amenities are available, making our daily life much easier,” says Jānis Zolbergs, Forma2 Board Member, structural engineer and construction supervisor.

The Philips office is designed according to an open space concept, with all workplaces located in one spacious work area. Depending on the particulars of the day-to-day work, employees have access to workplaces with both larger and smaller desks. For individual meetings or uninterrupted telephone conversations, two small, cosily furnished meeting rooms have been designed. For team and client meetings, there is a larger meeting room closer to the entrance area. The layout allows the specific needs of each employee to be catered for in the office while fostering a sense of team and mutual interaction.

“The primary reason for choosing Business Garden Rīga is that the project is in line with Philips’ values and quality requirements. The location and infrastructure of the Business Garden Rīga office campus was an important argument in favor of the project. The office is well equipped, safe and modern while maintaining a pleasant minimalist style. Our office is not a huge one, so we are happy to take advantage of all the benefits available to BGR tenants, such as The Lounge,” says Agrita Vēvere, Commercial Organization Leader at Philips Baltic.

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