The level “zero” of the Business Garden Wrocław reached

After eight months of works from the commencement of the construction process, the level “zero” of the Business Garden at Legnicka in Wrocław was completed. It is the third and at the same time the largest office complex in terms of the area being developed by Vastint Poland under the Business Garden brand. The investor is planning to commission the first three buildings at the end of 2016.

“The underground part of the foundation slab, occupying approximately 23,000 m2, was made using a relatively rare monolithic concrete technology. Although the method requires great accuracy and precision in performing the works, it ensures increased resistance to water penetration. The basement structure with the garage ceiling slab was created using 22,600 m3 of concrete and 4,200 tons of reinforcing steel. Works were performed using six cranes and additional mobile hoists,” explains Remigiusz Jarmołkiewicz, the Project Manager at Vastint Poland.

Presently, at the construction site the aboveground structure, mainly consisting of prefabricated elements, is being assembled. The completion of the assembly works was scheduled for December. Simultaneously, intense infrastructural work is being performed. Also, road work on Legnicka Street will soon commence.

As part of the first stage of the Business Garden Wrocław three out of eight planned office buildings with a leasable area of approximately 37,000 m2 are being constructed. Their construction involves the use of modern design and technical solutions, in compliance with the LEED Platinum certification standards. A distinguishing feature of the project is a carefully designed garden, where recreational facilities and parking spaces for bicycles are planned.