Business Garden is an innovative office complex designed to create a comfortable and inspiring working environment.

Good location & connectivity

The location guarantees tenants’ visibility and has good access to public transportation, both to the city centre and the airport.

Human scale-sized buildings

The human scale office buildings and cosy common areas create an ambience in which people feel comfortable.

High standard of working space

Thanks to key architectural and technical solutions, the functional office space provides a high-standard and pleasant working environment.

Functional garden

One of the unique characteristics of the project is the spacious garden. It constitutes a friendly recreational and event space for tenants.

Various amenities

An exceptional set of amenities is available on site. The range of services is selected according to the tenants’ needs.

Hospitality programme

Business Garden embraces a hospitality programme that creates a tightly-knit employee community and truly sets this project apart.

Business Garden Locations