24.04-5.05 Event

Earth Days

In April, our office complex celebrated “Earth Day” – two weeks full of education, ecological awareness and activities aimed at promoting sustainable development and caring for our planet.

We gave our tenants the opportunity to take part in the EcoQuiz, which tested their knowledge of environmental protection, recycling and a sustainable lifestyle. It was a great opportunity to share knowledge and win eco awards.

During “Earth Days”, we organized a collection of electronic waste, including used light bulbs and batteries, and also organized eco-bag painting workshops, which were very popular among our tenants. It was a great opportunity to express your creativity while promoting the use of eco bags as a replacement for plastic packaging.

It was a great opportunity to work together for a sustainable future. We would like to thank all our tenants for their participation and commitment on these special days. Together we can help protect our planet.


This year, for the Earth Days in Business Garden, we have prepared a lot of activities for our Tenants!

As every year, the main element of the celebrations will be ElektroWaste collection. Throughout the week it will be possible to throw waste electrical and electronic equipment into specially prepared containers. It is worth recalling that last year’s edition collected a total of over 536 kg of this type of waste. In addition, we have for you:

  • GiveBox – according to ‘ZeroWaste’ concept – leave it if you don’t need it – take it if you need it – it can be a book, a mug or a figurine that you want to give a second life (we remind you that the things you bring must be in good condition!)
  • Workshops on Painting Eco Bags – will take place on April 27 (Thursday) at 15:00 on the groung floor in building Pastelowa 6. The number of bags is limited, so – first come, first served!
  • EkoQuiz – answer the questions about the Earth and ecology correctly – win a gift! The quiz will be active from April 24, 9:00 am to May 5, 3:00 pm. Winners will be drawn between May 8 and May 12. Remember to include your work email address!

Are you ready to test your knowledge about the Earth and ecology? Click here: EcoQuiz.

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